My Rama was one of 12 cats who told their compelling stories of rescue in the award-winning Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes.

FitCat Publishing is publishing Rescued Volume II, which will be live (print and e-book) in January 2017. Last week, Zorro and I learned that Zorro’s story of rescue will be one of the 12 new stories featured in Rescued Volume II.

Zorro is my amazing (alleged) Ragdoll, who has a great rescue story. (We can’t prove that Zorro is a purebred Ragdoll, but he sure looks like one.) He’s working hard on the story now, to get it back to our editor by the deadline! It’s going to be a fantastic book. Rama and I love being part of Rescued, and Zorro and I are really looking forward to being part of Rescued II.

FitCat Publishing will announce all the Rescued II authors soon. A portion of the proceeds from Rescued Volume I and Volume II ALWAYS benefit cat rescue organizations. I’m so happy to be part of this, and Zorro is lovingly crafting his story now.


Zorro pre-rescue — outside in the freezing cold and making intense eye contact with us through a window.



Zorro post-rescue.