I’ve been stacking firewood this weekend, and I get into a restful and peaceful place when I do this. It’s mindless enough to relax me, but mindful enough that I have to pay attention. There is an art to stacking a woodpile so it doesn’t fall over. You can’t always rush this task. You have to take your time and be with it. It’s also a nice workout. My husband, who has been splitting and stacking wood since he was about 7, taught me how to stack split wood.

I have really been enjoying myself, and I re-realize this every time I go outside and do outdoor work (or garden, or walk or…) I love listening to the fall wind through the leaves. I like the moist smells of fall even though I suspect I have an allergy to some leaf mold. The wind has a different kind of sound at this time of year – like a smooth inner engine of the Earth.

I also noticed that when I pull myself away from all the necessary work at the computer and go do something in nature, the angst-y thoughts that whirl in my mind simply drop away. That mind chatter is just my ego up to its tricks. I’m a huge perfectionist and I can drive myself crazy. What if my book doesn’t do well? What if my next books don’t do well? What if my publisher drops me? What if???? What if I don’t complete every task on my never ending task list? Get enough exposure? Blah blah blah.

And yeah, the world’s not gonna end. But sometimes, I need the perspective. And I got it this afternoon with the wood. I know what really matters, deep down. I just need that reminder.

Yoga helps, too, but outside in nature just gives everything that added Ooomf.  (Yoga, outside in nature – the Best.)

I had to take a break from wood stacking to come in and write this down, but I didn’t want to come in. 🙂









The woodpile! Almost done — the pile of unstacked wood was a lot higher this morning.