There are plenty of ways that it might feel society conspires to make us invisible. As I get older, for example (and I don’t even like to use the word “old”!), I find that it feels like the world might actually be trying to make me invisible. In a society that worships youth, it can be easy to start thinking you matter less, that you’re flying under the radar, or that you’re no longer relevant. It takes great strength, resolve, and a sense of self not to take this stuff too seriously.

Yet how much of this do we bring upon ourselves, in our own thought processes? How often do we minimize our own accomplishments, beauty, worth, and power?

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Awareness is Key

I witnessed a beautiful thing on social media this morning. A person posted a notable accomplishment of theirs, and really didn’t make much of it. Then, a few moments later, the person posted again. They quite humbly CALLED THEMSELVES OUT. They admitted that they had downplayed (minimized) the original announcement, and they humbly, yet truthfully, admitted that this accomplishment was actually a BIG deal in their lives. I LOVED that this person had the awareness to recognize that they’d minimized this accomplishment originally. How many of us have the awareness to see when we’re engaging in gaslighting OURSELVES?

I’m not talking about narcissism, which has been in the news a lot lately. I’m talking about walking quietly, comfortably, honestly in your own truth and power.


Your Impact Starts with YOU

“No one will blow your own horn,” the saying goes. It’s true. But this doesn’t have to be about braggadocio. This is about knowing yourself and fully acknowledging your gifts and accomplishments. How else can you be your best version of yourself in the world if you don’t first understand the value and the merit of WHO YOU ARE?