Not much going on around here — just kitten/cat antics and lots of canning. Yesterday, we canned 10 pints of chili sauce with some wonderful tomatoes from a good friend (thanks, R!). I am still waiting for many of OUR tomatoes to ripen on the vine, though I will pull them if frost threatens.

I love fall.

I’m really NOT a cook, and I’d rather be outside on a lovely fall day than canning in the kitchen. I have more canning to do today. But I’m going to do it efficiently, and make sure I get plenty of outside time. Too bad canning doesn’t happen when the weather is 30 below zero.

My new kitty (Jamie Bluebell) has reminded me that I’ve fallen into a rut! I’ve been forgetting to play with the cats. A kitten has lots of energy and needs to play. Directing the energy toward intentional fun play is good for everyone in the household. Last night, as we were processing the pints of chili sauce, we put on a Grateful Dead CD. (I am finally learning to appreciate the Dead. My husband is a long-time Dead Head.) To the rhythm of the music (an acoustic CD which is wonderful; I don’t remember the title, but the harmonies are amazing), I played with Bluebell using every toy I could dig up. I dragged a wand toy with feathers, I used a laser light, and I threw a ball. Jamie Bluebell loved it, and so did the others. And thus, another fun night was created. If a stranger had looked in the windows, they might have thought we were crazy, but I guess that’s why home is where the heart is, right?

Tomorrow I face the blank page as I start the North Dakota novel, again. Wish me luck.