I got real clear about something this weekend. Writing must come first in my life (along with family, of course). When I say to myself “Creativity First,” I remind myself that I do best when I turn my attention to writing first, each day.

Of course, there are days when other things happen first. And I also try to be flexible and not get twisted about this. The important thing is that writing keeps happening. Creating, revising, or something that contributes to my writing — keeps happening.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this thought. But each time I re-remind myself and stay on course, my path gets stronger.

Having My Heart is a Mountain come out has strengthened my efforts and given me belief in myself and momentum in my efforts. But you don’t need to have a book “in print” yet to find this kind of determination.

Make conscious choices about your time and your day. For example, I don’t watch TV. I am careful about how deep I dive into social networking, simply for the time factor. Conscious choices, and what Patrick Ryan calls “a good state of effort” will get me farther than running around like a nut, trying to do everything and doing it poorly.

Figure out what’s important for you. Then, make conscious choices about what areas you want to live well in — where you want to put your precious, directed efforts.

As far as we know, we may only have one life on this earth. How do you choose to show up here? How will your creativity contribute to the world?

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