Creative people with projects underway need to be firm, and constantly discerning, about saying no. I have learned this the hard way over the years, and I keep re-learning. Seems I also have a little helper gene that tends to want to help with this and with that. But…I can’t do it all. If I try to do any of it, I won’t have any time to write. That is why successful writers guard their time fiercely. I will admit that I have not always been as fierce as I should be. When I am, it feels right and true.

There is some kind of a fine balance to be worked out with this — obviously I can’t say no to making a living. I don’t want to say no to my family. I need some time with friends, or enjoying my beloved “outside.” But over the past few months, I’ve found myself repeatedly turning away “other opportunities” that would take me from my writing.

Here is a succinct article on this very topic, that popped up this morning. It’s a good reminder.