Jamie Bluebell: Do you know why I love you, Kieran?


Kieran: Why?


Jamie Bluebell: Because you’re such an amazing pillow! You’re soft and squishy and…


I love me a big white Turkish Van pillow, and he doesn’t seem to mind, either.











Kieran: I’m not squishy!


Jamie Bluebell: You’re not fat! But you have the most soft and silky fur, and I love to snuggle with you — when I’m not busy rolling around and saying, “Woo! Woo!” You’re my favorite to snuggle with! Forget about Zorro — he’s mean to me. Norton is too distracted. And Rama makes crabby noises! And Chester, he’s nice but he’s just not the same. There’s just something about you, Kieran…


Let me see how small of a space I can cram into with you.











Kieran: You can always snuggle into my space, Jamie.



Two peas in a Sleepypod ™.











Kitty love.


Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at Catster.com You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.