Rama here! I’m doing just great! I’m pretty much back to normal now, running up and down stairs, even jumping! Still, Mama sometimes needs to be reminded of the nuances of healing. It doesn’t happen all at once, you know! Just a few days ago, I thought Mama was going to have a sad-attack, just because I wasn’t purring nonstop. What cat purrs non-stop!? But Mama took it personally and thought I didn’t love her.

Humans — they think it’s all about them!

I’m purring back to normal now. Normal for me means sleeping all day, and getting a little more lovey at night. I thought Mama was going to go through the roof with happiness when I purred and jumped on the bed and snuggled the other night.I repeated this last night and I thought she would faint in bliss.

Humans — sometimes they’re easily pleased!

I’ve never been like Zorro (flopping and purring all the time — my god! my cat!) but I certainly am feeling better and all’s well in the household today.

Rama slightly awake after a daytime nap on the bed with others.