Rama: Mama, are we going to take a long car ride?

Cat: Yes, my handsome boy!

Rama: Well, that’s okay, because I will get YOU all to MYSELF for the whole day! I don’t even mind riding in a car!

Cat: I feel the same way! It will be a love fest!

Rama: Love fest, Yea!

Rama will go back to the vet to get his incision checked, and hopefully, be given the all clear to run about the house again.











Rama: You know, that one vet tech wanted to kidnap me! But I would never leave you, Mama.

Cat: Don’t you ever leave me, Rama!

Rama: She was a pretty smart vet tech. She knew you were from Vermont!


And she did! Somehow, that vet tech knew we were from Vermont. Hmmm. Maybe Vermont black cats have a certain cool demeanor, or…?