Norton: Mama, why am I called “Norton”?

Cat: Well, we named you after a very special place! We were so excited about you, and so excited about this place, that it just seemed a natural fit! You’re such a cutie, and we were so excited about YOU!

Norton: But…it doesn’t sound cute! Everyone around here says “NOR-un.” They don’t even pronounce the T! It doesn’t sound cute at all. Mama, you’re even doing it!!








Cat: Oh, my…

Norton: I like the French pronunciation! After all, we are so close to Quebec!

Cat: Do I have to learn to speak French to you?!

Norton: See? Try this: “nor-TOH!” Isn’t that much more glamorous sounding? And cute, too!









Cat: Yes, but…

Norton: nor-TOH! nor-TOH! nor-TOH! Merci, nor-TOH! Au revoir, nor-TOH! Oui, Oui!

Cat: Oh, boy…

Norton; Get your Duo Lingo app out, Mama, or your French books, or whatever! No more boring “NOR-un” for me!


















Norton responds better to the French pronunciation of his name. I guess it’s time to learn French. Seriously, Norton is right. It’s a beautiful language. Since I love the sound of beauty…why not?



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