Chester: What is it about me?

I do mean business — don’t let my quiet way deceive you!











Cat: I don’t know, Chester. What is it?


Chester: Is it my cool demeanor?


Cat: Probably.


Chester: Is it the fact that I quietly backed a German Shepherd into a corner with nary a sound, and just the glint in my eye?

Chester gave Ruby the dog his quiet glare, and Ruby jumped on the futon to hide behind her person.











Cat: She is an exceptionally sweet dog…


Chester: Still.


Little Norton would like to be manager, or second in command — he watches Chester carefully.











Manager cats like Chester are always a surprise. We silly humans often miss the obvious. I never thought Chester was the manager in my household of cats, until a smarter human pointed it out. Chester keeps stuff running in order. And yes, he has a subtle glare that a dog ten times his size respected.

Nothing like the “quietly powerful.” I saw the same kind of demeanor once, coolly delivered by a writing instructor. I never forgot it. Management doesn’t have to be bombastic and blustery!



Life Coach and writer Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.