Zorro: Mama, I love to Dance!!

Zorro demonstrates happy flopping.











Cat: I know, I know!


Zorro: That’s why the Great Cat gave me these big feet. And a floppy body, too.

Look at my adorable paws. Who could resist me??!











Cat: I love it when you flop, Zorro!


Zorro: I am the master of FLOP. I’d like to meet a Ragdoll that flops as well as me. Bring It!


Just in case you needed to see my paw again, here it is.











I cannot say for sure that Zorro is a Ragdoll (he’s a rescued “former feral” with no papers), but he sure looks like one to me! He also has the most expressive paws I’ve ever seen. If a cat could talk with his paws, it would be Zorro. Zorro is a born dancer, and I get that.


Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at Catster.com You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.