Cat: I really wish you would eat your Fancy Feast, Chester. Just finish what’s in the bowl.


Chester: But it’s so beautiful outside. I would rather look out the window! The smells! The flowers! The birds!





















Cat: Come on, Buff Puff. Just a little more. Finish it up.


Chester: I am not “Buff Puff!” And I don’t want the rest of the Fatty Feast now.


Cat: Sure; you’d rather bother me later, when I’m knee deep in work, or my mind is in the depths of this piece of writing, right?


Chester: Yeah, and you love it. I’m so cute.


Cat: Yes (sigh), you are, Chestie. I love you.


Chester: Chester to you, Mom.


Cat: Okay, okay. I’m going for a walk.


Chester: Now, could I PLU-eeeeze have my Fatty Feast? On a dish, preferably!

Could I plu-eezze have my food now!










Finally! Food on a dish.











Mr. Chester is a manager cat, and I have to admit he manages me well…which is probably saying a lot.


Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.