Norton: Mama just got a “logo”!




Norton: What’s a logo?


“Why can’t I have a logo? I need this!”











Chester: I dunno. Something humans use to tell the world about themselves.


Norton: I want a logo!


Chester: Well, maybe you don’t need one. Maybe the world knows enough about you! Geez. You get written about on this blog, and at Catster, and…you even have a town named after you!


Chester, the manager cat, has a firm grip on reality.











Norton: I want a logo. Logo logo logo!



Truly, Norton is cute enough on his own that he probably doesn’t need a logo. But I do. Thanks to the incredibly talented, savvy, and very nice for her work on the logo, and some incredible headers that will be revealed when my website is updated, soon. She put up with my endless questions about all things graphic and created Beauty and Class all at once. Fun Fun!