I’m working on a novel. (That’s all I’m going to say about that at the moment, because I’ve become a believer in holding new things close to my heart until they have time to gestate.)

So I’m writing the other morning. (Writing often goes best for me in the early early morning, a technique that Robert Olen Butler recommends in his book From Where You Dream — thank you, Robert!) I’m starting this book for the third time. Fortunately, I didn’t get too far the first two times. The telling of a scene is feeling kind of pedestrian. I’m using 3rd person POV. Without realizing it, I move into 2nd person POV. Everything changes! Really. The writing takes on a whole new tone, and gets a lot more interesting, to me.

Yes, I had thought about writing this in the 2nd person before, and had forgotten.

Can I sustain a whole novel in 2nd person? I hope!!