• It matters how the vendor booth is set up. I don’t have a clue how this is done, but some booth arrangements work much better than others. The booth I signed my book in seemed to be working very well.
  • People watching is fascinating!
  • Having authors signing books is a big draw, even if customers don’t necessarily buy your book.
  • You get very good at reading people. Some want to be pulled in; some are not interested at all and keep walking; some want eye contact with you.
  • A smile and a hello go a long way. Good vibes are amplified. It’s more about that than angst over sales.
  • It’s fun. Long and tiring, but overall fun to to try. A new experience. I will do it again.
  • Multiple authors at the table is even better than one author. Big customer draw, and more comfortable for customers to approach the table and booth.
  • It’s a great way to meet other authors, and get a look at yet another side of the publishing biz.
  • Collaboration is a win-win for everyone; sometimes in big ways.

And now, I’m chilling/resting from that long weekend.