What have I learned? I have always worked hard, but work took on a different meaning recently. After 22 years of freelancing alone at home, I went back to work at a “9-5” job. Surprisingly, this may work well for me and creativity.

  • I learned that it’s much easier to leave your work at work when you don’t work at home.
  • I learned that the structure of a job causes me to get more done, and more effectively done, in the time I am not at work.
  • I learned to get what I need, because I’m the only one that can do that. If I need to get up and walk around the building so that my body is happy, I am doing that.
  • I learned that because I’m not using all my creativity to try and reshape and reshape a business, that I may actually have more creativity available for the first true love of my creative pursuits — my creative writing.
  • I learned to be strong and not take office politics personally.
  • I learned that work may not be a place to develop deep friendships, but deep friendships continue to show up in other surprising places.
  • I learned that doing something so different from writing might be a real good thing in the larger picture of my life, and for the writing that I actually do.

Believe me, it has been hard to let go of my story about myself as the successful independent freelancer. I am not sure what is true anymore. But I think I might be the wisest when I realize I really don’t know much at all.