I’m easily gratified, and maybe that’s a good thing. Two things make me very very happy this morning.

1. Zorro (the feral(?) cat who is living in our garage) is alive and well.

Again, it was 30 below or more last night, and we have had 40 below temps and worse lately. This is a smart cat.And tough! Our garage is not heated, and I have to leave the door open a little so he can come and go (although I think he has mostly been staying). I would dread it if he got stuck outside on these nights. I made him an insulated shelter (a simple thing with a plastic tub and enclosed styrofoam cooler) but he doesn’t use it. I had also set up a “Plan B” bed for him — thank goodness — a simple circular rubber tub (looks like a giant oil drain pan) with fresh straw in it. That is where he hangs out. I’ve seen him in it on many occasions. I’m happy that it’s working! I wrote about my attempts to keep him alive, here at Catster.














2. I successfully clipped my dog’s dewclaws — woo hoo!!!

They were bothering me, and I was afraid they were going to become ingrown. You know how the rear ones become too long and start to burrow into the skin? They were very close to that point.I really didn’t want to make a trip to the vet just for this.

Corona, the dog, has always been a little bit of an unknown. She came from abuse. We rescued her many years ago. She is sweet and unbelievable. She’s 16 and has the energy of a much younger dog. She’s never snapped at us but she has accidentally snapped at a vet tech. It was unintentional. I think something just misfired. But…she was completely well behaved when I clipped rear and front dewclaws this morning.

 Norton checks out the dog clippers. The ones on the right do not work at all for dewclaws — the design is too clunky.