I’m using voice recognition software!

It’s about time. Some things take me forever to figure out. In the past several years I’ve been more aware of the strain that writing can put on my wrists. My wrists will often get numb at night and I know that’s a danger sign. I’d do the stretching exercises for carpal tunnel, but I was still aware of a reluctance to write; perhaps indicating a subconscious resistance to hurting my wrists.

It’s funny how you can resist something for so long that ends up being good for you. I like to think of myself as open to change but sometimes I learn that I’m different than that. I never thought I could use Skype because I didn’t think our Internet was fast enough. I needed to get on Skype quickly this week to make a call that needed to happen. In order to use Skype I had to purchase a $20.00 headset.

$20.00 stood between me and a whole new world! And I didn’t even know it.
In fact, I’m typing this blog the entry using voice recognition software.


At any rate, the Skype worked. Wonderfully. I’m still nervous about the fact that my Internet may be too slow but I’ll take one call at a time. And I’m loving having a microphone. I think this is going to be fun.

I worked on a short story just now using the voice recognition software. It’s fairly accurate. I’m betting I can write even faster with this software once I get used to speaking a story instead of typing at first. And I don’t think the speaking will be a big deal. I love to read and I love oral storytelling—who knows? This might be an even nicer way to get at my writing voice.

What I think so funny about all this is that it took me a $20.00 purchase to open up a whole new world of Skype and voice recognition software. How can the smallest things stand between us and our progress? Interesting!