There’s a lot on the plate as usual. Here’s a little taste!


Author events:

  • I’m signing this Sunday at Barnes and Noble in Duluth, MN, at 1 pm. What’s really cool about this event is that from 10-8 pm that day, any books you purchase will have a percentage of proceeds donated to Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth. There’s an online coupon too, with a bigger time window of opportunity. Go here and click for the printable voucher for purchasing.  Or Visit BN.COM/bookfairs for info about how to participate online.


  • I’ve been blogging steadily at, 3 times a week. Start at my Catster author page and scroll down — you’ll see all my articles, starting with the most recent ones.

Book Writing:

  • Well, this has suffered a little lately. I’m trying to find the balance between writing and promotion. Tricky. I did get my edits back to the publisher for the first proof of Voice Lessons, my short story collection that will come out in March 2014.
  • The Great Purr (cat fantasy novel) is on schedule for publication in June 2014.
  • I’m ready to start writing Driving with Cats 2 (working title only) and I’m ready to revise The Vast Land (novel).


  • Although she has a mass in her jaw, she is doing very well at the moment. She has a terrific appetite and appears not to be in pain; she’s acting normally. I’m using a variety of holistic treatments to keep her comfortable. The other cats are really jumping in to take care of her, which is very cool and touching.

Fear/ No Fear:

  • There’s some big change coming, good change, but involving some risk. I was having dinner with a friend the other night and I told her that I wasn’t feeling afraid. She wisely looked at me and shrugged and said, “Nothing to be afraid of.” It’s an interesting place to be.

~Have a great weekend, folks.