I’ve been busy.

I’m already setting up readings in June for the upcoming publication of my memoir  Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time (North Star Press of St. Cloud, June 2013). I’m also soliciting blurbs for the back cover and the inside of the book. I learned from my first book’s publication process (My Heart is a Mountain; Holy Cow! Press) that it’s a good idea to get an early jump on this stuff. It piles up and gets quite overwhelming, otherwise. I’m grateful to be working with two small presses who have been more than helpful in helping me learn about the biz. There’s something new to learn all the time.

I’m also really happy to have just been awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant. I’m happy for all the winners, several of whom are friends or colleagues I’ve worked with. It’s an honor and an affirmation, and I feel very fortunate to live in a state that provides opportunities for artists and writers to have the means to keep creating.

I’m also enjoying blogging for catster.com! (I may end up being a better blogger there than I am on my own blog, lol.) My first blog entry ran on 12/20. I have one coming up next week, on Wednesday, and I just wrote a third one about cats and my yoga practice. As you can guess, I love writing about cats.