What I am learning today…


Take the time to grieve that you need: Karma, my cat, passed almost two weeks ago. Illness and passing went very quickly. I am not sure I have adequately processed it all. I am not weepy — I think I did most of that while she was still alive — but I am unfocused and not as effective as I normally am. I am trying to go easy on myself and cut myself a little slack…this may be just another aspect of grieving. I have learned that grieving is never the same — for different people or even  for the same person and different situations.

It’s been a really good year: I have much to be grateful for and excited about. Despite the death of two beloved feline companions this year, the sun is shining, I am going to ski in a bit, I have accomplished much writing (both blogging at www.catster.com, and my creative projects, plus other freelancing). Two new books are coming out next year, and I am working on two additional books (a novel, and another book like Driving with Cats). Rama (my cat) will have a story in a rescue anthology that will benefit 12 rescue organizations of each author’s choice. Rama and I had fun writing this story about his transformation from scared and angry rescue kitty to loving and sweet big black household panther/cat.


Keep working on the balance between promotion and creation of new work: This is a challenge, particularly if you’re the type of person who sees opportunities around every corner (and goes after all of them…). Discernment is a good thing! I do (mostly) like promotion, but promotion without new creation can begin to feel empty. And if we don’t create, there will be nothing new to promote!


Use the body: When I get stuck, bringing the body into it (yoga, skiing, whatever, getting outside) really really helps.


Although I chose to cancel travel to yoga teacher training when Karma became ill, I have ordered some yoga books that I’m excited about — two cover the anatomy of stretching and of yoga stretching, and the other two cover yoga for osteoporosis and yoga for arthritis. Good stuff.


What are you learning today??