I’m very happy to have turned in the first draft of my novel to a mentor, who will give me substantive and more detailed editorial suggestions. I really need this. When I work on something as big as a novel, I’m very close to it  — too close to see the holes. I need a fresh and experienced pair of eyes for revision and suggestions.

I anticipate that this novel will grow, and likely go through many revisions. It’s such a strange feeling — I know that it can be better, but I don’t have the answers. So I am very very excited for feedback on this piece of work!

The novel is set in North Dakota, and involves a complicated mother/daughter relationship and the evolution of that relationship. Naturally, I’m also interested in the effect of the prairie landscape on these characters.

I hope, and expect, that this novel will grow and improve after many revisions. I feel so relieved to have finished a first draft of this. I can turn it over to my mentor, at the moment, and temporarily turn to other things!