As an author and a cat blogger, I am very intrigued with the line between what we give to the world and what remains private. I’m a pretty private person, myself, though I’m sure my personality leaks through in my writing and blogging. Cats are, for us in the cat world, very personal, and a huge part of our lives. Many of us channel our passion for cats — their welfare, their quirks, their care, their complexity — in our writing and our blogging. I wanted to see how other cat bloggers deal with privacy (or not), and how they think about this.

I talked with five colleagues and friends in the cat blogging world who all have active and well-known presences and blogs of their own: Angie Bailey, Janiss Garza, JaneA Kelley, Debbie Glovatsky, and Deb Barnes. What was so interesting about this article was how differently we all approach this issue. There’s diversity, for sure!

Take a look for an interesting read:



Author and blogger Deb Barnes (, who won the 2013 Writer of the Year Award from the Cat Writers’ Association.