I’m being tested again, and I’m hoping it’s nothing. I want to bury my head in the sand but I can’t. Yesterday I noticed moisture around Karma’s mouth. Upon closer inspection, I realized the bottom of Karma’s chin is slightly swollen. We go into the vet this week, where I will hopefully find out what’s going on. I’m hoping it’s not serious. I always want to hope that. I’m trying not to “awfulize” or “borrow trouble” or however that saying goes.

In the meantime, Karma is sitting right by my wrists as I type this. She is purring and seeking attention. She is eating well. About two weeks ago, she started getting fussy about food and would not eat dry kibble. Canned food is fine and she has a very good appetite. She is drinking. I am so hoping this is only a bad tooth, or something relatively minor.

In Driving with Cats, I write about trusting and surrendering control. Here I am again. It seems this lesson keeps coming up, and I keep relearning. Now, I need to breathe. Long deep breaths. Over and over. And love Karma for who she is — right now.