Back home – Yea!

As of last night, I am back home from the @Cat Writers’ Association Conference in Dallas.

I didn’t get much of a “sense” of Dallas — the hotel was out in an airport industrial area. I DID take long long walks outside when needed, and that helped me take the recharge time I needed.

Me holding Zeki the Cool Cat. Zeki survived brutal abuse (as did Spirit) and has gone on, with her human, to teach pet first aid to people across the country. She is gentle and sweet and loves deli turkey.













I got home yesterday after a long day or travel. Amazingly, even though I had been up since three in the morning, I got a burst of energy last night and went to bed at 11 p.m. And I feel good now. All after a cold that I was getting over as I traveled to the conference.

Some takeaways from the conference:

  • New friends come in the most unexpected places.
  • Wins or successes also come in surprising places.
  • Good karma (your actions, or others’ actions) can make you feel better if you’re discouraged about something.
  • I have LOTS to do, especially regarding online promotion. (But that’s not new…).
  • There are amazing, smart, and hard-working people in this organization.
  • I LOVE the new CWA logo. Join this organization if you write about cats and/or are passionate about the welfare of cats.
  • I am eternally grateful for the help that CWA members gave me when I was helping Kali (my cat) during the last three months of her life earlier this year. People reached out and supported me when I felt very very alone and scared. I was re-reminded of this at the conference. This is the value of good relationships with peers, and of an organization like this.
  • I am more excited about social media possibilities, AND I want to approach it smartly and without angst (so to speak) so that the rest of the stuff (original writing, yoga, cats, husband…life) continues to happen and happen well.

And…ta da (the best yet)…

  • I flew Spirit airlines, and I fell in love with a blind cat named Spirit, at the conference. I just made this connection this morning! Foggy brain, no doubt, but I think this is very cool. There are no accidents!! (Love you, Spirit.)

Spirit and his mom (on the right) at the Cat Writers’ Association conference in Dallas.











Bonus — I was a little nervous about flying Spirit. I had never flown them before and they have all kinds of add on fees in order to keep fares low. But everything went so smoothly. I met nice people on the plane and even sold a copy of Driving with Cats. The airlines very nicely got me on a direct flight yesterday morning (no charge), which got me home two hours earlier. It’s all good.