I used to post gratitude posts quite often, on an earlier blog of mine that no longer exists. Here are the things I’m thankful for today:

  • An awesome husband, who is supportive of me and my work, and even puts up with my eccentricity.
  • Healthy cats and a really healthy 15 year old dog!
  • The kitten Jamie Bluebell (you know, the one who wants to take over this blog) for the fun and joy she brings to our household!
  • Three fantastic veterinarians — each a bit different and all bringing expertise to help me make decisions.
  • The woods outside my door.
  • The city when I want to travel.
  • The woods and wilderness when I want to travel.
  • Travel!
  • My friends and family.
  • Music — playing, listening, dancing.
  • Meeting other cat lovers and cat professionals recently — all devoted to the welfare of cats.
  • Yoga — it feeds me. Meditation.
  • My yoga students who make it possible for me to teach yoga, and who teach me!
  • My work, which is varied and interesting.
  • The creative spirit and the the path that it has led me on.
  • Languages.

I am very grateful for all of this and more. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.