No huge blog entry here; just a few things on my mind lately:

I saw Social Network a few nights ago. I have to say, it left me with a dark feeling. Not the way that I like to go to sleep. Does this reflect my deep down feelings about facebooking, etc.? Hmmm, maybe. I do love knowing what my friends are doing, AND….any thing that takes me MORE into the computer always makes me wonder — could I be outside? Could I be reading? Writing? Interacting with real live people? Could I have used this time better? In the long view of life, will I have spent too much virtual time and not enough REAL time? Very important, to me.

Writing, and reading, feel more REAL to me than computer time (excepting, of course, the time on the computer that I spend writing or revising). How much information can my brain hold?? One of my characters in My Heart is a Mountain has the same lament — “How many messages does a person need in one day?” I guess I’m a deep down Luddite at heart.

Soon, I’ll have no choice. The garden will be in full swing. YEA!! I’ll be outside, with my hands in real dirt — I can’t wait, I can’t wait….