Along the lines of the last blog entry about place, I have been thinking about how I’ve changed (in subtle, and maybe not-so-subtle, ways) since moving from the city to a place in the middle of nowhere. On recent visit to the city, I got together with a relative who is familiar with a radio station in my neck of the woods. We were talking about the fact that I’d recently read from my writing on that station.

“Well,” said my cousin, half-joking, “it had to be better than that ______ (insert the name of a very local radio show where people call in to say they have stuff for sale).” And I cringed.


I cringed because I can remember when I probably would have said the same thing. (Yikes.) At one time, these small town thingies seemed odd and silly to me; perhaps quaint or a waste of time. Now, I think they’re neat. It’s actually a form of community. I know the people who run the radio show. I might be interested in the objects for sale. Hey, maybe not everyone in the world gets turned on by skijouring equipment for free, or a beautiful $200 oak dining table and chairs (which I coveted, but didn’t have the money for at the time, sadly) – but I do.

My cousin means no harm by her statement. I cringed mostly because it reminded me of how much I may have changed. I could try and try to explain to my friends and relatives there that yes, I have a life up here in the woods. A rich life. But I bet some of them would never be convinced of it. And yes, every place has its pros and cons. Sometimes I yearn for things that are far away. I wish I could get to the opera without driving for hours. I miss the Ordway. I want sushi nearby. But I also love being able to ski outside the back door. I love the quiet, which helps me think. I love the stars. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Social Media as Small Town Community

I read something very interesting on my Kindle the other night. I had downloaded an ebook on social media marketing for writers. The author compared social media to small town living, because social media is all about relationship. I thought that was pretty neat. Finally, a way I can think about social media. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so cold and big. Relationships. Humans need these, even if they can’t always be face to face.

What am I doing? Trying to use social media more. Trying to give it the time it deserves. I like the relating.

How about you? Do you enjoy using social media, or find it another chore? (Quite honestly, I’ve been in both places.) Do you like the ability that we now have to relate to people in this way?

Till next time,