A local paper did a story on me and THE GREAT PURR, and the Muse Medallion that the GREAT PURR just received from the Cat Writers’ Association.

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Gratitude, friends in Newport, who helped make this interview possible!


Norton Author Wins National Award



Newport Daily Express Staff Writer

November 14, 2014


Local author Catherine (Cat) Holm has won an award for one of her latest published books, The Great Purr, a fictional cat fantasy. Holm, who now lives in Norton, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, recently to attend the Cat Writers’ Association Awards Banquet not knowing she was going to win the Muse Medallion. She actually tied for first place with another author.

Holm moved to Vermont less than a year ago from Northern Minnesota. The story that won the award is set in a Northern Minnesota mining town.

In the fictional story the cats had always maintained that the Great Purr is a force that holds the Real World, the Under Earth, and the Spirit World together. But when the Great Purr becomes corrupted and threatens to destroy the world, the magical cats of Ironton must work together to prevent disaster, Holm said. The different cat character traits are revealed, including temptation and evil, which threaten to unravel the Great Purr.

Holm’s books are available for purchase at the Memphremagog Arts Collaborative, Creative Natives in Colebrook, NH, Miller’s Thumb Gallery in Greensboro, at Green Mountain Books in Lyndonville, and Amazon. Most books are available on Kindle.

Cats and dogs have always been important to Holm, but she didn’t realize, until living is rural Minnesota, how important and how much cats meant to her. Holm has been a writer and editor for a long time, and enjoys fiction.

She has short stories and other books published, including memoirs, like one called Driving with Cats, which has received rave reviews on Amazon.

Holm doesn’t always write about cats. Another favorite topic is exploring the impact of land and place on people.

Holm is pleased with her and her husband’s relocation to Vermont. He is a native New Englander, and the couple visited Vermont for years before deciding to make it their home. Holm said she is expecting to love living in Vermont, finds the landscape beautiful, and anticipates that the winters will be milder than what she is used to.

Asked about how she came up with the idea for the book, Holm said that ideas tend to gestate and form in her mind for a long time before writing.

“I have always been fascinated by the possibility that magic or the unusual may be a lot closer to us than we realize. There was a particular town near where I used to live in Minnesota, a mining town. The town had steam heat and you could always see the steam rising up from the grates (manholes) in the sidewalks. My imagination probably just went to work somehow and eventually tied it all together.”

She added that the character development of each cat helped to shape the story. She had a black cat named Target who had the best single pointed focus she had ever seen.

“So naturally, in the story, his focused personality will contribute to certain actions that only he could take.”