Are the hours you spend with your cat, or dog or pet, wasted time? You know what my answer would be. No way! How do you quantify what our pets bring into our lives?

In fact, last night I modeled my own suggestion. I have become aware of a trend recently to work late into the night. This is not good! I wake up the next morning and feel as if my whole life has become work. So, last night, I had enough mindfulness and awareness to put a stop to that. At 7 p.m., I turned off everything electronic. I came into the house, and I laid down on the bed with the cats. I gave each cat individualized attention. I got up and I played with them. I got out the Feline Fisher and gave the new kitten a run for his money. Later, when the cats were done playing, I read memoir (Heart Scars by Jeanette Lukowski) in bed. It was a much nicer way to end the day than staring at a screen.

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