Recently, I took part in the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers Cat Show in Crystal, MN. I was a vendor and shared a booth with fellow cat author and friend Angie Holland Bailey. We had a great time!

What could be better than being in a huge room full of cats?!  And, what could be better than knowing you were in a room full of people who were crazy about cats and who care about the welfare of cats?

Angie and I shared the cost of a booth, which helped greatly. She has just released her first book — Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds. It’s a humor book that imagines what a cat’s Craigslist would look like. I had Driving with Cats, and my other books, for sale.

Our stuff! Angie had homemade cat toys to give away. I brought some of my cat paraphernalia. There’s a tiny cat figurine (black and white) in the center of the table that people seemed obsessed with.












We had a great time. We promoted each others’ books. We had cool neighbors, too. On our left were the folks from Feline Rescue, Inc., one of the largest cat rescue organizations in the Twin Cities of MN. On our right, we met two wonderful women (a mother/daughter business team) who have the businesses All Creatures Chat, Cyber Cat Lady, and Purring in Paradise.

Feline were our vendor neighbors on our left. We each donated a book for their silent auction to raise money for their efforts.












There were other cool vendors, too — a cat photographer, a man selling well-made cat trees and cat condo furniture. He sold a lot of pieces. A veterinarian. And more.

And…the cat show. We stayed pretty busy at our table, but when I had a moment, I strolled through the aisles of cat enclosures to look at some beautiful cats. Wow…I wanted to pet them all. Of course, cat show etiquette means that you always ask the handler/owner first to touch their cat. I did pet a lovely orange tabby who belonged to a friendly pet sitter who’d stopped by our table. And I watched a man play with a gorgeous cream colored Maine Coon. There were so many beautiful cats.

Also, Angie and I had a great time brainstorming throughout the day! We planned future collaborative events, and talked shop, marketing, and generated loads of ideas for us both.









Getting to know fellow authors on this path has been one of the best things about book promotion.

Angie and I did well at the show. Even though I could hardly put a sentence together at the end of the day (I definitely took some introvert recharge time that night), I had plenty to think about and get excited about on the drive home the next day.