Setting up a new home in a new place has been soooo much fun. It has also been extremely edgy. But I’d expect that of any big change. Isn’t moving one of those “greatest transitions of life” — up there with death, birth, marriage, divorce, break up, etc.?

Here are random thoughts in no order:

Sometimes it’s hard to describe a new place. There are no words. It’s a little like describing another culture, or country. You have an understanding, or part of one…but trying to compare it to where you came from is very difficult or impossible.

Even the dumbest little things can feel edgy when everything is new, and even the dumbest little things can feel amazingly adventurous when they’re new. This is part of the emotional residue that comes along with moving.

I’m keeping in better touch with some of my friends now that I’m a longer distance from them.

I’ve gotten lots better about decision making, simply because there have been So Many decisions to make – often needing speed in the decision making.

Landscapes feel different. They have different personalities. This fascinates me.

People have been very very kind.

Getting in edgy new places feeds my desire for more adventure — hmmmm!