Here’s an excerpt from Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time, for your Monday Mindfulness. Have an amazing week!

When my cats have been ill and at the end of their lives, it’s an extremely bittersweet time. It’s sweet because some of our deepest bonds are formed with our animals at this time. It’s “bitter” because we know they are leaving and there’s nothing we can do about it. And guilt can creep in, too. Guilt that maybe we feel closer to the animal since we know they are leaving. Guilt that we may not have paid them enough attention when they were healthier. But to me, when I look at it honestly, the guilt doesn’t seem as pure as the bitter or the sweet. It seems smaller, and not as genuine. And I think this is true. Again, what’s its purpose? Instead of letting guilt pull us down, let’s celebrate the wonderful. Instead of feeling guilty about things in the past we can’t change, let’s celebrate each moment with our cats, our animals, our relationships, our life. Love your cat now, even if the time is bitter or sweet. As one of my yoga teachers said, go to the joy instead of the guilt in a situation. Let your cats help you.


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