I seem to have nothing lengthy to say today, so here are a bunch of short snippets:

Yoga: I teach at a lovely local resort during the summer. Last week I was privileged to teach three young women who had all kinds of questions about yoga afterward — I love talking about yoga! We had quite a conversation.

Cats: I’m caring for a beloved older cat who may be approaching the end of his life. I cannot believe how an animal will show that they love you. Purrs, snuggling in bed at night, gentle headbutts — it is as if he knows to make the best of EVERYday, no matter the outcome. It is absolutely incredible. If we loved with this purity, well…the world might/would be an amazing place. Nirvana…

Writing: Working on a short story, with idea for another simmering. I keep learning over and over again that even 15 minutes a day gives me WAY more than something every few days or whenever I get to it.Pulling out current novel-in-progress too. I need to have patience and trust in the novel writing process, which is different from the short story process.

Life: Very busy with above-mentioned cat. Very busy with the book promotion of My Heart. Taking a life coaching course that I am really enjoying so far. But…OUTside this afternoon. Too nice to be inside with a computer.

Cat writing excerpt! Featuring above-mentioned cat:

Paws tucked under his chest, tail tight against his right rear leg – the cat Jamie slept.

He twitched. In his dream, paws became hands. An ache built in his chest and grew, spreading into his torso and legs. Jamie gave into the sensation, stretching out on his side, reaching, feeling the combination of cat and human that came in dreams. His fur stood on end, sizzling with electricity. His tail lashed the couch. In the dream Jamie saw himself — first as golden, medium-haired cat, with ruff and pantalooned rear legs. Then he morphed into a human — a tall, red-headed man with a youngish face. The ache and glory of human-ness swam in his golden eyes.

A low purr, almost a growl, not his own, vibrated into Jamie’s dream, and through his body.

“What will you give for that desire?”