All of us need time to chill. And I’ve found that if I consciously take the time I need to chill out, relax, and totally let go of life’s demands, even for a short time — I’m a better person for it.

For me, that means time in the woods and in nature.

Sitting by a stream relaxes me — so does beauty.












It might be a strenuous hike or a slow meditative walk down a hill at twilight. It might be sitting by a rushing stream, and admiring the colors of the rocks.

When I get back from such a jaunt, I find myself mindfully taking time to be with my cats! My cats benefit from my calmness.

Cats naturally know how to relax — sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to relax, too. Cats are masters at finding the best spots (sun puddles) to facilitate their own relaxation.











The art of chillin’ — demonstrated by Zorro and Rama.

Zorro was born knowing how to relax. He can teach me a great deal!











Of course, sometimes chill time is simply being with my cats (indoors, since my cats don’t go out) — and that is fine, too!