I taught yoga this morning and I stumped myself trying to explain Rama to someone who was asking about him and his recovery. Rama is kind of a complicated cat, and yet he’s not.

Sometimes he swaggers around like a sexy sultan, and sometimes he acts like an insecure little boy.

Sometimes he loves me with all his heart, and sometimes he makes crabby noises.

Sometimes (often) he’s quite serious, but he has the funniest, subtle sense of humor.

He makes crabby noises when I dance with him (I do dance with cats and I love it), but if I put him down, he looks at me like, “What? It’s over? Pick me up!”

Rama recovering from surgery and tolerating the cone well — he’s worn it many times.











I wrote about Rama in Driving with Cats. Rama is very special to me because I had to work quite a bit with him after we adopted him from the shelter. He had trust issues. For a long time, I was the only person who could touch him. For years, he never played with any of the other cats. Very recently, he has begun play wrestling with Norton. I am so happy to see this! I’m easily pleased when it comes to cat progress.

It gave my cat-loving heart great joy when Rama finally (after years) relaxed enough to began playing with Norton. It probably helps that Norton likes to get physical (like Rama) and has an easygoing personality as well.












Rama is doing quite well after his surgery. Keeping him in a small room has really done the trick, and the cone keeps him from wanting to jump. I put him in the larger dog crate if I have to be gone for several hours. But basically, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Rama in my office — his room for the next week and two days until he has his incision rechecked. The incision looks very good and he seems very comfortable and happy.