In a whirlwind couple of days last week, my cat Rama (who has had recurring low grade (Stage 1) neurofibrosarcomas for years) was referred to a veterinary oncologist. We made a three hour trip through Maine and ended up minutes from the ocean, though we never got to see it. At the specialty veterinary clinic, I learned that a CT scan for Rama would pinpoint exactly where the affected tissue was and what needed to be removed. Rama had a CT scan and major abdominal surgery. He has a lot going for him: the tumor was in one of the best places possible for removal,the CT scan showed no metastasis anywhere in the body, Rama is sturdy, his blood work is perfect, and the sarcomas have been biopsied and determined to be local and low grade.

We are home now and I am doing the most intensive cat sitting I’ve ever done. Rama needs to have very controlled movement for the next 14 days. No jumping or running or stairs for him. He is sequestered in my office and I’ve piled boxes high on the desk so he will not be tempted to jump. The chair is gone and the floor is covered with yoga mats. It’s crammed and a mess! He also has a large dog crate with litter box and a blanket, and that’s where he goes when I can’t be in the room monitoring his movement. So far, he’s doing quite well. His (really really long) incision is healing nicely. I just can’t slack off for the next 14 days and get too comfortable. Fortunately, the painkiller makes him drowsy for part of the day. But he has been up and walking, too. And the best part….he’s loving the loving. Many many headbutts and purrs have been received. This makes it all better.

I’m pretty wiped out, but so happy that this could possibly be a cure, for good.


Rama’s glamour pic from Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes.












Rama is one of the feline authors in Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes.


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