My partner/husband is a private guy. But he has been instrumental in providing for the care and love of the many cats and dogs who have entered and exited the doors of our household. As one blogger friend put it recently, her partner did “the heavy lifting” as they cared for an ill cat. I can say the same for my partner when it comes to our furry family members. And the situation doesn’t necessarily have to involve end of life care. C. has totally been committed to and involved in providing the best home possible for our cats and dogs.

Norton and C. enjoy a special bond.










C. has always been better in a crisis than I am. Many years ago, a dog was going to be shot. C. couldn’t let that happen, and he happened to be at the scene. He rescued the dog without hesitating and bought her home. A sweet yellow Lab mix, Corona had been abused, and cringed and cowered  at the slightest thing that might unnerve her. But she was always kind. After years of love and work, Corona relaxed and became secure. She had excellent Mutt genes and lived to be almost eighteen! She had stellar blood work up until the end of life, and cancer appeared just two months before we had to put her to sleep. C. was heavily involved in Corona’s hospice care, researching remedies and staying up with Corona at night to give her pain meds. Do you want to see love in action? It occurs when a pet’s human is entirely devoted to that pet.

A blurry pic of a good looking, 18-year-old Corona.











Our cats are CRAZY about C. I think they know what a good “cat dad” he is. C. has helped me and done the heavy lifting during many a cat illness. He gives them special treats (and an abundance of food, lol) when I am gone. Our cats are always happiest when the whole family is together, and I think it’s because they enjoy the presence of both of us — people who love and respect animals and want to give them the best life we can, with the means possible.

Chester looks forward to lap time with C, every night.










Some of us care for cats by ourselves; some of us have the help of a loving and supportive partner. I could and would do it alone if I had to, but I am so grateful for the care and love that my husband gives to the cats and dogs that have graced our lives.

Cat dads are the Best.
Happy Father’s Day, C.