I am feeling immensely grateful today. Not sure why, but I’ll take it. It probably helps that the weather has been amazing. I love love love fall. Even though it’s very warm, and I would actually call this pre-fall, I love this time of year.

All things are coming up that I love: garden harvest, picking apples, splitting wood, being outside as much as possible.

Rama is doing very very well. I’m erring on the conservative side and limiting his movement for a few more days beyond 14 days. He’s still in a small room, and gets a lot of attention from me. He moves around, which is good for healing. He is eating and drinking well (he loves to eat!). We’ll recheck the incision with the vet on Wednesday, and then he will be good to go and out with the rest of the kitties. It’s been a great opportunity to shower him with love — something I love!

Many close people in my world are going through life transformation right now. I am, too. Not sure where it’s headed yet, but it’s good. It’s an exciting time — a little like wandering onto a dark forest path, not being able to entirely see or sense everything around you, yet being able to sense it in a new way, and trusting that your intention and your movement and intuition will lead you in the best way.

View from a covered bridge in New Hampshire — pre fall.













Two boys soaking in the sun.