Gratitude is a great practice when life gets wild and wooly. And CATS give me lots of reasons for gratefulness!


1. Gratitude for an awesome vet and staff:

Rama went through surgery this morning for a lumpectomy. He’s had recurring sarcomas in the same spot (not a vaccine site) for years. I love my vet and her staff and I know that my kitty is in good hands. I pick him up today, and you can bet he’ll be spoiled all week.









2. Gratitude for one dilute calico’s sense of humor:

Jamie Bluebell is my nutty dilute Calico. I, and other writers, have often wondered if Calicos share some of the same nuttiness (or tortitude) as tortie cats. Jamie doesn’t have an attitude, but she loves to go into fits of blissful happiness.

Jamie Bluebell gets ready to roll around gleefully.











3. Gratitude for Norton’s sweet smarts:

Norton can open any door. I knew he’d be the first cat in the Sleepypod, once I put the cover back on. Sure enough, he wedged his body through the opening. He’s got a mind like an engineer. In fact, we’ve begun calling him The Engineer.
















What cat-inspired things are you grateful for?