I have a hard time knowing what to blog about. I am not good at creating an internet “persona” to portray. I don’t have anything to “sell” at the moment. What is me, is me. But lately, the genuine happy news at our house is the arrival, and incorporation, of our newest (young) cat — Cooper!

Meet Cooper!

Cooper napping over the couch arm.


Keiran, our mysterious (neurologically compromised?) cat, passed away in June. He’d been having seizures at the rate of one per month. He died very suddenly at home, and I think (I hope), without a lot of pain. Lots of things about Keiran’s past were a mystery, including his dreaminess or inability to react to certain stimuli. We missed Keiran. A few months later, I happened to go onto the website of the local humane society, and found a small cat who looked very much like Keiran. Cooper had Keiran’s look, and the same shaped eyes. They both had the appearance of a Turkish Van cat, though Keiran had short hair, and Cooper’s hair was long.

One of our last pictures of Keiran.



I went to visit Cooper and was instantly smitten.

Cooper in the cat condo. He quickly learned to love getting into anything that is different and requires exploring. His jumping and coordination continues to improve.


Cooper has a way of melting your heart. He loves to snuggle and give adoring, contented looks. The humane society advised me that Cooper might be a “special needs” cat. He seemed slow and nonreactive at times. The vet suspected head trauma. “Special needs” can mean a lot of things when it comes to caring for cats. Keiran probably suffered head trauma, though we never figured it out until later in Keiran’s life when he started having seizures.


Cooper seems pretty alert, especially as he has gotten used to the routine of our house. He has been here about a month to date. Initially, his jumping was troubling because he would often fall. His coordination seems to be improving. Best of all, this has been one of the easiest introductions I’ve ever witnessed. The other cats accepted him quickly — Cooper is very friendly and curious and non-threatening. Quimby, my young buff cat, has grown up overnight and taken little Cooper under his wing. Quimby plays with Cooper and more and more, I have seen the reassuring cat behaviors manifesting in Cooper– grooming, wrestling, playing, good jumping, and insatiable curiosity.

These two are fast friends. Quimby (the buff) grew up overnight into a patient, yet playful, mentor for Cooper.

Is Cooper really a “special needs” cat — whatever that means? Time will tell. He’s extremely curious and bright, and brings new joy to our household during these strange and interesting times.