If you’re wired to create (no matter what form it takes), you know that you need to find time to create. Writing, painting, weaving, whatever you do.

It can be tough, and it requires a TON of discipline.

Still, if I can find 30 minutes or so per day for yoga and meditation, I can certainly find 15 minutes a day to write. Usually it turns into more.

I enjoy the process of creating. I just have to give myself permission.

I have learned to be discerning with my time. This is what works for me (and we are all different):

  • I don’t watch TV (except Downton Abbey, which is over now. I did enjoy it.) I don’t have the time to give the tube, and I get restless, and feel trapped, sitting and watching it.
  • I say NO to some things. (Example: I love to sing. Recently a very good choir pulled together for a Palm Sunday concert. The musicians are exceptional. It was hard to say no to this! But I did.)
  • I’ve learned that for me, a daily practice (even if very small) is loads better than nothing at all. And something usually comes of it.

Books don’t get written if I don’t make the time. It may not matter to any one else but me that the book got written, but it matters enough that I shape my life around it.

And, we all have our own way of doing this, and each person’s strategies will be different.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks.




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