There’s a bit much on the plate at the moment! A ton of freelance work that must be done NOW, final proofing for THE BOOK, and, and…a breezeway full of tomatoes that must be dealt with. I hope to can some salsa today or tonight, but first the lawn needs mowing! (It’s a lot of lawn.) It’s the season of scurrying, for sure. One thing I learned when we started growing a garden — canning ALWAYS takes more time than you plan on.

I wouldn’t want to sit at a computer all the time anyway (my body doesn’t care for it and when it’s nice out…I want to be outside). Sometimes the ebbs and flows of the freelance life are pretty extreme.

I am grateful for it all — the salsa that I love, the gorgeous day, the work, the book (!!!!).

OK, outside and away from this computer, now. My body will thank me.