Hi, I’m Jamie Bluebell! (That’s JB to you, reader.) I’m the newest member of the Catherine Holm household. This is MY blog — Did you hear me? Catherine Holm (aka Ann Catanzaro, writer who claims to know cats — Ha!) just thinks she blogs here. But step aside, Cat-ty — it’s my turn to shine in the spotlight! I am a tortoiseshell after all, and they don’t call it Tortitude for nothing.

I have the most amazing story — just ask me!! Cat lost a cat (Jamie) last year to old age and kidney failure. I came back in his place. Don’t believe in reincarnation? That’s okay. Just bear with me, or I’ll beat you over the head. Just kitting! LOL (catz). Yes I’m a goofball — blame it on my age. I’m still a kitten, for Cat’s Sake! Five months old, with the wisdom of the ages. Gotta. Love. Me. ^- -^

Stay tuned! Next time we’ll talk about how I slid so easily into the Holm Household. It’s all in the attitude (or Catitude, as Cat likes to sign her holiday letters). Occasionally, if I’m feeling like it, I might, maybe, just maybe, allow one or two of the other cats in the household to blog here as well…but only if they play with me and share their food and toys. They think they’re hot because they have their own books — but just wait, I’ll have my own book, too, and I won’t have to share the story with humans or other cats or anybody!

With Catitude,

~Jamie Bluebell!