Hi, I’m Jamie Bluebell! (That’s JB to you, reader.) When mama was getting her office wood stove going this morning, she tore pages from a local paper for fire starter. She discovered her horoscope:

You like to stay in control of your time, but this is not always possible. Children and those who act like them have a very different perception of time than you do, and this could be an issue.

Hey, who writes these things, anyway? “Children and those who act like them…” What about cats? We understand time way better than humans. Just ask us!

Hey, time doesn’t matter to me except for when it’s time to eat — then I have cat-laser-focus! But otherwise, time really doesn’t matter. What a great cat world it would be if all humans understood this!

There’s always time to eat, look out the window, feel the wind in my fur, jump and catch flies, or play with my new toys! There’s no lack of time. Just watch your cat and learn. There’s time for everything!

A human teacher of mama’s once said, “Show up and shape time.” (Did a cat teach this man? I’m sure of it!) Put a cat’s spin on this. Show up and Stretch time! Next time you’re running around all stressed and in a bunch, watch your cat! Then stop — yes, stop! Let out a long, big maaaaa-ROWWWWW! Meee — WOWWWW! Get on the floor and play with your cat. Breathe! Laugh! Time opens up. You’ll see! Time’s funny like that. If you watch it too hard, it gets little, like a hard piece of cat kibble. If you relax and be free, time turns into an ever-flowing bowl of the best canned food ever, or maybe an endless pile of fresh mice and voles. Yum!

Have a great Thanksgiving! And give thanks to your cats (and yes, your dogs, too). We work hard to teach you a thing or two!


~ Jamie Bluebell


Here’s me, just so you don’t forget!

Here’s my brother Keiran stretching time by hanging out in a window!