Mama STILL doesn’t have the iPhone (come on, already!), but here are my words of wisdom today!

Hi, I’m Jamie Bluebell! That’s JB to you, reader. Get used to it. (That’s my tagline.) (LOL CATZ!)

Anyway, my big brother Dyson (aka Rama Dasa, but don’t call him that or he’ll get a bigger head than me) taught me a great thing about opportunity. Actually, I let him teach me. We were wrestling one night in mama’s living room. Dyson bit me on the ear and then he hissed, “See that bug!”

“Where?” I shrieked, jumping straight up into the air, back arched.

“At the window,” he yelled.

In an instant we were at the window, side by side, heads upturned, and FOCUSED on That Bug.

Ahhh, the bug looked delicious! Fat and tantalizing, and moving in that way a cat loves.

“It could be a sting,” hissed Dyson, “or it could be a tasty treat!”

“Treat!” I yelled. Treats always win over stings. We jumped, leaping vertically at the same time. Dyson smashed the bug to the ground with a fat black paw. I zoomed. He already had most of it eaten (he IS a big boy), but I got a leg, I think. YUM!

Opportunity is everywhere — just keep your eyes open and your paws ready!

Have a great weekend!

~Jamie Bluebell