I’m really not all about cats, though it may seem that way. Lately, I’ve been remembering to post my catster posts here, and that’s about it. I blog 3 times a week for catster.com, a community that is passionate about cats. (There is a dogster.com, too). And I am passionate about cats. We have 5 indoor cats, and we are at this moment trying to get a feral cat in the garage through this incredibly bitterly cold winter.

But I’m also passionate about a lot of other things. Place. Nature. Traveling. The personality that a locale or a region seems to have. Storytelling. What my cats have taught me. Banjo. Movement. Words. Stories. Many things.

I’m a slow processor, too. It can take me forever to figure out what I want to say. Then it comes pouring out, all at once. Friends have witnessed this. Or it pours into a book.

It’s the new year — 2014. 2013 was a very interesting year. I had to let go of two wonderful cat friends, but we (my publisher and I) birthed my second book (Driving with Cats) into the world — a book I am passionate about. I traveled a bit, all in the U.S. and some for the book. I taught and did yoga. I meditated. Meditation kept me sane when I started to feel the angst of getting a new book into the world. It’s not about being shy, because I don’t think of myself as shy. It’s more about the weirdness of putting a price tag on your work,  working your ass off, and seeing if the world wants to reciprocate and acknowledge the worth of your book. It’s about being passionate, and non-attached, at the same time — one of the hardest and edgiest things I’ve ever done. So yes, yoga! And anything else that keeps us sane.

I’m really excited for the adventure of 2014 to unfold.


My cats like yoga!