I do! I’ve had some real clarity lately around my writing life.

If you’re trying to make sustained progress on your creative projects, you need to find what works for you. And here’s what I’m finding for me:

1. A little bit of structure. Just enough structure in the rest of my day so that I am forced to make the best use of my allotted writing time.

2. Complementary income-producing work. This is a biggie! I once wrote and produced a magazine for a client. I didn’t have enough creative brain left during that time to do ANY creative writing. It sucked. Now I stick to editing (mostly) and tutoring, which I am finding that I really enjoy. Teaching yoga is also a great way to move (after all the sitting), deal with writerly angst, and get with people!

3. Belief. Even if there’s a day where I only get 15 minutes in of creating, it still feels good. It still feels as if I am contributing to something much bigger than 15 minutes would seem to indicate.

4. Discernment. I’m getting better at this. What can I let go of? What is important and what is not?

Keep writing! Keep creating.