I went on a little spending spree the other day — why? Because things are tight! Hmmmm…makes sense, right? Money is tight, so…spend money!

Fortunately, I came to my senses once I got home. I’m going to return the stuff today. And it’s cheap stuff! It won’t last. This is not like me. But it’s funny what stress will do to us. I bought home two (cheap) dining room chairs that need to be installed and were not made in the USA. I got them home and realized that — ugh — I didn’t want these chairs. ‘They’ll probably last two weeks,” my husband said. We HAVE chairs…that have lasted for 30 years. Yes, they don’t look that great, but I could refinish them, one chair at a time. It doesn’t have to be hard. I’m not a hoarder (in fact, I love to get rid of stuff) but I am increasing learning, that sometimes, older stuff is better built. I can’t WAIT to return this stuff. The spending spree felt good — returning it all feels even better. Funny the places where gratitude comes from.

And here’s a purrr for you today. What  brings you gratitude?